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Zuzana Z – Sperm Is Always Good For The Soul And Gettin Off!
Released: July 14, 2014

Pornstar beauty Zuzana Z is back with her hairy pussy and a hearty dose of curiosity to see what pumploads full of sperm can do for her skin and her orgasm loving soul! She finds a vile of “sperm lotion” on the floor of the bathroom, but she quickly discovers that the sperm fountain of youth is in a gloryhole in the wall, and once she gets right up to her it starts blasting her down, and this pornstar freak is loving it! Whether it helps her already lovely skin or not, she’s having a great time rubbing her hairy pussy down in spunk and of course fucking the hell out of that gloryhole cock, and once she and her sexy outfit are thoroughly doused she’s on the floor writhing around in total climax!