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Joana White – Cancel The Room Service And Bring On The Jizz
Released: October 7, 2013

Joana White was initially appalled as she discovered a massive, creamy mess all over her hotel suite’s floor, so she immediately called to get some service to come clean it up. However, when she realizes the source of this mess is a cock sticking out of a gloryhole she quickly calls back and cancels the help, because she wants to be alone and get super nasty with this spunk spewing cock! This high fashion babe is dolled up in a sexy satin blouse, but she could care less as it gets more and more splattered in absurd amounts of cum, and once she’s super slimed up she backs up against the wall and gloryhole fucks herself! Joana also loves jerking off, so once she’s pounded the wall she gets down on the floor, puts her ass up high, rubs her pussy, and takes a cum shower in total delight, and this chick ain’t stopping till she reaches climax and is totally covered from head to toe, rendered unrecognizable and loving it!