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Chelsy Sun – Slot For A Slut
Released: December 16, 2013

Newcomer Chelsy Sun is about to show us all what a slut she is. This cutie may look classy with her glasses, but as soon as she gets any opportunity for some mischievous fun she’ll damn well take it. Chelsy stumbles across a “slot machine” that promises only wins, so she can’t help but to give it a try, and as soon as she drops in the money the pump-action SlimeWave gloryhole is revealed, and Chelsy knows she’s won big and is gonna milk this thing for everything its got! Workin’ it like a pro, this chick gives that dick a fine blowjob in order to get it to start blasting, and once the cream starts flowing this freak gets more and more involved, rubbing her ass and pussy as they get jizzed up, and even fucking the wall to get off hardcore as she’s completely covered in white spunk! Everyone’s a winner at SlimeWave and Chelsy feels that first-hand!