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Simone Sonay – Stunning MILF Simone Sonay chained down, hooded, multiple orgasms while sucking, brutal deepthroat!
Released: February 3, 2014

Simone Sonay is a out of control sexual beast with a sex drive that leaves most people in the dust. This tight and toned blonde MILF is used to fucking her partners into the ground. Not today. Here at Sexuallybroken we know what to do with out of control sexual beasts. Chain them down and throat fuck them cross-eyed while a vibrator bolted down between their wide open legs owns the pussy. You would not think that someone as experienced as Simone would have any cherries left to pop, but she does. Simone has never been hooded before. Being hooded for the first time can be very overwhelming for a person, as the disorientation and loss of vision can shift reality. Simone bravely accepts the hood, and is chained by her neck to metal poles. Her legs are cranked open as wide as they can spread and shackled to the poles. A vibrator keeps her on a constant edge of sexual excitement. Once the hood is ripped off, our disoriented MILF promptly gets a rock hard cock right down her mouth hole. The face fucking is fierce and without mercy. One after another, the two cocks own her face, balls deep. If there is one thing this MILF tastic nympho can do, it is suck cock. She is on top of it at first, but it is a war of attrition. The metal collar keeps her chained firmly in place. The dicks run a constant train on her wide open mouth. Drool flows out, coating her perfect breasts and running down to her pussy. She is panting and glassy eyed, deep in sexual subspace. It just got real. We plow her slack and wet face hole as multiple orgasms shake through her toned flesh. She is wrecked, completely undone. This experienced swinger just got a piece of action, Sexuallybroken style. We leave her chained and swooning, unable to remember her own name. You are welcome Simone, come back anytime…