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Darling – Big titted slut is hung by her ankles and deeply fucked to multiple orgasms, made to squirt!
Released: July 17, 2013

Darling is back with her massive EE breasts and amazing ass to match. She is as strong as she is flexible and is as tough as she is beautiful. Darling is currently a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and actively in the gym 5x a week. What should we do with someone as tough as that? Subject her to the Sexuallybroken treatment, naturally. Let’s see just how tough she really is. Today we have our ass kicker completely helpless and exposed in a brutal category 5 position. Her massive tits are severely wrapped and bound. We just love objectifying body parts on our girls, for some it can really fuck with their heads, but not today, Darling is a seasoned pro who loves being objectified and used. We have her ankles bound and spread to a suspension bar, her arms trapped behind her back. Darling is in the ultimate “Fuck me” position but instead of being on her back she is propped upright on a table. This is a position you just don’t see everyday. We walk in with a hard cock and simply slide it balls deep into her wet helpless cunt. With in seconds we have this powerful women cumming like a common whore over and over again. We don’t let up. Darling gets pounded hard and deep and orgasm after orgasms is fucked out her. Then we insert 3 fingers inside her hungry pussy and within seconds Darling is squirting as she screams out yet another brutal orgasm. We lost count and frankly don’t care how many times our purple belt has cum. We jump up on the table and throat fuck Darling into subspace. Now it’s time for fun, we suspend Darling by just her ankles and now she is floating in that perfect “fuck me” position. This is a cervix buster! The cock hits home over and over, and Darling almost passes out from the massive pounding that brings orgasm after orgasms along with it. Between, cock, vibrators and fingers, Darling is a cum drunk mess, barely babbling English and drooling helplessly out of her pie hole. We jack the 3 fingers back into her pussy and blast out the grand finale of all squirting orgasms from her broken pussy. We leave our ass kicking purple belt drooling all over self, eyes rolled back into her head and oozing pussy juice onto the floor beneath her, floating helplessly wondering what the fuck just happened….