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Ava Devine – MILF Goddess Ava Devine bound in strict strappado and does messy epic deeepthroat on 2 cocks!
Released: June 30, 2014

Ava Devine is the most likable whore in the entire world. She doesn’t just like sex, she LOVES it. She craves it. It is why she gets up in the morning. It is her fondest desire to fuck the entire world, and she is well on her way to achieving that goal. She is the textbook definition of a nymphomaniac and the look of raw honest appreciation that she gets when you give her the dick is reward enough for any man. We keep invited her back because of how much we love that look. Bound down on her knees in a strict stappado and a vibrator bolted down between her thighs, Ava is reduced to a big titted mouth pussy. Those giant juicy lips were made to be wrapped around dick. Her booming body is greased up with oil and rubber bands make those giant fun bags jut out even further then before. You can see in her eyes just how much Ava is craving to be to hard use. What follows is the complete deconstruction of a slut. The bondage, orgasms and giant cock lodged in the back of her tonsils throw her spiraling down the rabbit hole, and Ava is an all too willing participant in her own destruction. Her face goes slack, her eyes glaze over and she mutters half words of sexual bliss. The cocks relentlessly reshape the back of her throat until it is custom fitted. Drool flows down over those giant oiled breasts and runs down her belly. The vibrator makes her cum over and over again. Ava’s pussy is on a hair trigger and it is set for rapid fire. Ava is left a twitching and shuddering lump of flesh shackled to a wooden post. Her pretty makeup is long gone, totally taken away by dick. She heaves in great shaking gasps and the look of ecstasy on that well used face is undeniable. We are pretty sure she can no longer recall her own name. Quick, did someone get the license of the truck that just hit her?