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Whitney Conroy – Emotion
Released: April 20, 2013

It is basic, stripped down, as simple as possible. And yet it is endlessly rich, complex, varied, and nuanced. It is as fundamental as a man and a woman making love, and yet this elemental act is, by turns, operatic, dramatic, epic, at the same time it is intensely personal. Welcome to “Emotion.” With a single word SexArt’s Andrej Lupin establishes the tone and sets the stage for an unforgettable morning of richly textured and intensely engaging amorous activity. Soft light shines through gauzy curtains, a canopy bed awaits as Whitney Conroy and Matt Ice share a kiss and an embrace, but this is mere prelude. Once Conroy lands on that inviting mattress “Emotion” begins a prolonged crescendo to increasingly loftier peaks of profound sensual pleasure and overwhelming sexual delight. “Emotion” is romantic, passionate, vigorously physical, while maintaining a visceral sense of intimacy and connection. It will enthrall, entice, engage, and involve you, body and soul. Welcome to the world of “Emotion.”