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Whitney Conroy – Lost in a Dream Vol 2
Released: September 17, 2014

It’s nighttime and Whitney Conroy, in a casual top and white panties, has drifted off to sleep in a comfortable lounge chair. But while her body may be at rest, her subconscious mind is active and alert, and we quickly discover that she’s entering the dream state, and that the subject of her dream is a glamorous — and horny — version of herself. Artfully exploiting the beauty and talents of his star, Alis Locanta’s “Lost in a Dream Volume #2” explores the separate, distinct, yet inextricably linked worlds of fantasy and reality. As Whitney’s dream unfolds we shift between two realms: in the dim light of the sitting room we look on as a sleeping beauty, animated by the visions in her somnolent mind’s eye, begins to caress her body. In the dream world, brightly lit and styled to the nines, we watch as an idealized Whitney begins a luxurious and lengthy session of self-pleasuring. Dream Whitney takes her time, savoring every sensation her fingers and hands arouse in her physical body. And, like a dream, changes occur without explanation as her arousal increases. Standing, in black bra and panties, she reaches an initial peak. Next she appears in a different costume, this time seated on a sleek stool. And as dream Whitney’s state of excitation grows evermore intense, so does that of the dreamer. “Lost in a Dream Volume #2” ramps up the intensity as the dream accelerates to its final pair of orgasms. In the dream, Whitney climaxes with such ferocity that she collapses, spent, onto the floor. And dreaming Whitney, moments later, experiences her own form of drowsy release, roused from her slumber by sexual pleasure, smiling with the ecstasy her vivid dream has aroused within her. To ease the return to waking reality, Locanta ends the film with footage of Miss Conroy dancing and vamping for the camera — utterly charming, completely disarming, and as beautiful as a dream come true.