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Whitney Conroy – Inspiration
Released: November 27, 2013

If the mood and circumstance are agreeable, it doesn’t take much to inspire sexual desire. Whitney Conroy, alone in her home, is arranging books on a table when a title catches her eye. She takes a seat and begins reading. The words on the page create pictures in her mind and soon her thoughts — and hands — begin to wander. That’s all it takes to set “Inspiration” in motion. Once her own imaginings have taken over from the printed word she puts the book aside and indulges in her own private erotic fantasies. She squeezes her firm breasts until her nipples are plump and erect. Then she sends first one hand, then the other, then both of them between her legs to tease and aggressively please her succulent bald pussy. Once she’s worked herself into a breathy frenzy she flips over on her belly, raises her beautiful ass in the air, and continues to masturbate until she reaches a final, very vocal, and apparently very satisfying climax. A subtle surprise twist in the final seconds of the film not only provides a pleasant jolt, but also suggests there may be more even “Inspiration” in Sexart’s future.