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Violette Pink & Zara Jay – City Ride
Released: September 25, 2013

“City Ride” begins with a blast of high energy music and quick cuts of two young girls frolicking in a park on a sunny summer’s afternoon. We soon see that blonde Violette Pink is teaching her brunette girlfriend, Zara Jay, how to inline skate. Hesitant at first, Zara soon picks up the necessary skills quickly and is gliding along the bike path like a pro in short order. Flush with this accomplishment the teacher and student retire to a nearby apartment. Still in the dominant role of instructor, Violette takes the upper hand and swiftly seduces her pretty partner. After Zara has been suitably serviced, the student takes on the teacher and proves that she’s a quick and capable study. Ms. Jay doesn’t hesitate to make a meal of Pink’s pretty pink, and uses two fingers with an oral assist to guide her to the brink, and then over the edge of ecstasy. A session of sixty-nine, with Zara on top, provides powerful simultaneous stimulation, but Pink gets the final orgasm when Ms. Jay skillfully rubs her clitoris to climax. “City Ride” delivers an entertaining interlude of steamy urban lesbian love play.