Victoria Puppy – Sweet Morning
Released: February 12, 2013

The words “sex” and “passion” go together like a hand and glove. In the world of adult entertainment the emphasis, more often than not, is on the passion, the drama and theatricality of intense erotic activity. But sex is an incredibly varied thing. And passion comes in countless varieties and in differing levels of intensity. In “Sweet Morning” two young lovers — Victoria Puppy and Steve Q — enjoy an interlude that is sexual and passionate, but it’s also leisurely, loving, lighthearted, sincere, playful, and casual. They’re not racing to reach a climax, they’re not playing to the camera, they’re not showing off — they’re simply enjoying each moment, enjoying each other, and having unplanned, spontaneous sex. Along with the arousal and orgasmic delight there’s also laughter, tease, seduction, and heart-to-heart communication. Sex and passion give “Sweet Morning” its heat, but love and affection give it a heart. “Sweet Morning” is a fine way to start the day.