Uma – Let It Snow
Released: February 19, 2013

Winter. Short days, low temperatures, snow, ice, gloomy afternoons, and frigid nights. Yes, winter can mean all those things, but when one is young and in love even the most wicked winter weather can be an excuse and an inspiration to indulge in some energetic and intimate indoor activity. When we first meet Uma and Denis Reed, the stars of “Let It Snow,” they’re wandering the streets of their snow-shrouded neighborhood. And we quickly learn two things: they’re very much in love, and it’s far too cold to linger much longer outdoors. So, after a playful snowball fight, they retreat to a warm and cozy private room. Although few words are spoken, the lovers clearly communicate their hunger, desire, and the delight they find in one another. SexArt director Alis Locanta’s camera captures every kiss, every giggle, every moan, every passionate caress, every thrust, but it is the lovers who set the pace and dictate the action that unfolds and builds to peak after peak of sensual pleasure. Outside it may be the dead of winter, but in “Let It Snow” the heat is undeniable and irresistible.