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Tea Jul & Tracy Lindsay – End of the Night
Released: October 2, 2013

Their night on the town is winding down. With a bottle of wine in hand, platinum blonde Tracy Lindsay and her raven-tressed companion, Tea Jul, ascend a staircase to the boudoir. But a nightcap is the last thing these stunning vixens have in mind — once they hit the mattress the teasing begins, and what starts out as playful become very serious, very quickly. This isn’t a one-sided seduction, either — both these stunning women have the same thing in mind, and both of them are more than eager to get it. Rather than have his players slowly move from one stage of engagement to the next, director Andrej Lupin cranks up the intensity almost instantly, and “End of the Night” hits a rolling boil that never wanes until the final moments of the film. This is particularly ravenous lesbian sex. There is kissing, caressing, and tenderness, to be sure. But the prevailing motivation is the desire to make each other come, to give and receive orgasm, to devour each other until each participant is completely satisfied. The viewer can’t help but be satisfied, impressed, and inspired by what is nothing less than a tour de force of girl/girl erotica. It may be “The End of the Night,” but this party is just getting started!