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Taylor Sands – Lost in a Dream – Vol. 4
Released: April 2, 2014

A newcomer to the site — Taylor Sands — makes her first two Sexart erotic film appearances in “Lost in a Dream Vol. #4.” And that’s not a typographical error or misstatement, either. As Alis Locanta’s film opens we discover Ms. Sands, clad in a diaphanous nightie, enjoying an mid-afternoon nap. Subtle movements of the pretty girl’s face let us know that she has entered the dream state. Soon thereafter we see what she’s dreaming. This is where the “second” Taylor Sands makes her entrance. It’s clearly the same girl, but through styling and technical magic her appearance is subtly altered. The Taylor asleep in a chair is innocent, winsome, a sweet girl-next-door type. The Taylor in the dream is glamorous, aroused, alluring, mysterious. And so we watch as the sleeping beauty dreams of her erotic doppelgänger. Dream Taylor first appears in black panties, bra, and heels, she toys with her breasts and then begins to masturbate. As the dream progresses the intensity of activity builds — gentle rubbing turns to vigorous frigging, frigging segues into fingering, and fingers are ultimately replaced by an orgasm-inducing crystal probe. So intense are the erotic visions of her reverie that sleeping Taylor begins to duplicate dream Taylor’s actions. “Lost in a Dream Vol. #4” takes the viewer on an intriguing and satisfying journey into the sexual subconscious.