Stacie Silverstone – Undercover Dangerous III in Petrify
Released: February 3, 2013

In our last communication we learned that the evil Dr. Sharkray kidnapped Jasmine W in an attempt to manipulate the CIA. But Agent William Dangerous infiltrated the Sharkray compound and rescued Jasmine throwing Dr. Sharkray into a rage. He flipped the switch on the laser he developed while at the CIA, knocking out the worlds satellites and plunging the entire globe into quiet darkness. Now with the world in chaos, rogue molecular scientist, Susan Beman, code name, Petrified Kitty, takes the main stage. It was rumored that Petrified Kitty was working on a gas that could calcify organic matter, in essence turning living matter into stone, but it was never confirmed. Petrified Kitty was in love with Special Agent Strong, one of the CIA’s top operatives and Agent Dangerous’ partner and friend in the US. Petrified Kitty let it be known that she was in love with Agent Strong but he rejected her, sending Petrified Kitty into a crazed rage. Now bitter and in league with Dr. Sharkray, the terms have been made clear. If the CIA wants the satellites turned back on then they must deliver Special Agent Strong to the petrified lair of Petrified Kitty for revenge. With Agent Dangerous busy saving Jasmine, Agent Strong heads off the lair where he is captured, cuffed, and made to serve the Petrified Kitty in, Undercover Dangerous, Petrify.