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Sophie Lynx & Taylor Sands – Taylor and Sophie
Released: May 30, 2014

Two women sit in a parked car. The street is quiet, dark, traffic nonexistent. The glare of a street lamp illuminates the car’s cramped interior. The inky night, the location, and the setting subtly suggest the forbidden, as if there’s something illicit and taboo about the rendezvous we witness in Alis Locanta’s “Taylor & Sophie.” But the two stars of the film — brunette Taylor Sands and raven-tressed Sophie Lynx — are not in the least bit concerned. Their pleasure in each other’s company is obvious, and their love and attraction to one another is the only thing that matters. A dark backstreet? The snug front seats of an automobile? What do these details matter when they have each other? And so their tryst begins. Lynx, the more seasoned and worldly seeming of the two, takes the lead. She lowers Taylor’s bra and sucks hungrily at her exposed breasts even as her hand searches for access to what lurks behind the white cotton crotch of Sands’ panties. Maneuvering in these close quarters isn’t exactly easy, but where there’s a will there’s most definitely a way and Sophie quickly brings her lover to climax. Taylor may be more innocent in outward appearance, but she’s every bit as expert in the erotic arts as her partner and she makes Lynx moan and gasp with delight with her knowing touch. Turning sideways in her seat, with car door as headboard, Sands then spreads her legs and Lynx dives between them, sucking, kissing, and probing the fleshy treats so enthusiastically offered. After Taylor’s orgasm subsides she returns the kindness and Lynx is rendered giddy and glowing as excitement becomes ecstasy and overwhelms her senses. An illicit affair? A clandestine relationship? The circumstances and the setting are unimportant, in “Taylor & Sophie,” love, lust, sex, affection, and satisfaction are paramount.