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Silvie Luca & Taylor Sands – Outlines Episode 6 – Timeline
Released: October 18, 2015

The Japanese term “omakase” means “I’ll leave it to you.” If one orders omakase in a sushi restaurant you’re putting your trust in the chef and giving him permission to surprise and delight you with his most creative dishes and special recipes. In exchange for giving up the choices and control of ordering à la carte, the diner experiences the best the chef has to offer even if that may involve trying unfamiliar foods with unusual and unexpected flavors. As a metaphor, omakase proves useful when examining Alis Locanta’s “Outlines” series. With six of a planned ten episodes now in release, each is unique, distinct, experimental, and controversial — these short films are all challenging and unpredictable, created by an artist following his unique inspirations and appealing to viewers who are willing to experiment and experience the thrill of the unconventional and unexpected. “Outlines Episode 6 — Timeline” is very much a part of the series as it is apart from it — the style, content, and technical aspects of the film are unlike anything Locanta has done before. From the lush familiarity of the classical theme music to the understated and elegant execution of its boldly innovative visual narrative, “Outlines Episode 6 — Timeline” is a work of cinematic erotica by an artist completely invested in his creative process without regard to the limits of genre or the conventions and expectations of a mainstream audience. For the adventurous and open-minded, “Outlines Episode 6 — Timeline” is a feast for the eyes, the intellect, and the emotions. It may certainly surprise you, but it makes for a supremely satisfying experience. Douzo meshiagare — Enjoy your meal!