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Silvie Luca – Lost In A Dream Vol 6
Released: October 1, 2014

If you’ve seen one or more previous installments of Alis Locanta’s “Lost in a Dream” you already have an understanding of the format and premise of the series. While each episode differs in detail, they all explore the separate yet inextricably connected worlds sleep and awareness, consciousness and the subconscious, reality and fantasy. And even though the framework changes little from episode to episode, it is this structure that allows each individual actress to put her own unique stamp on her performance. Silvie Luca is the subject and star of “Lost in a Dream Volume #6.” Wearing a casual tank and a pair of white panties, she’s asleep on her bed, but her subconscious mind and a restless, roaming, hand are both active. And we soon see what thoughts are dancing through her drowsing mind: in her dream Silvie is glammed-up, polished, and sleek. Her glossy hair is pulled back in a stylish bun and her torso is encased in a chic bodysuit. And dream Silvie is already in a heightened state of arousal. As her passion builds she exposes her beautiful breasts, then gropes and caresses them until her nipples stiffen and throb. With a deft motion she unsnaps the crotch of her garment and begins to aggressively masturbate — she may be the embodiment of the dream state, but there is nothing vague or diffused about the action or the images here, and when she brings herself to orgasm it is particularly vivid and powerful. But “Lost in a Dream Volume #6,” as it happens, is only getting started. As sleeping Silvie begins to masturbate we’re witness to a pair of additional dream sequences, each boasting an even higher level of intensity. After climaxing a third time in her dream, sleeping Silvie brings herself to a final orgasm, one that returns her to consciousness and which leaves her beaming with autoerotic satisfaction.