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Sapphira A – I Can’t Wait
Released: June 18, 2014

Sapphira has been looking forward to this night with eager anticipation. She’s made sure everything is absolutely perfect. She’s styled her raven hair and artfully applied her make-up. Her lingerie — a sheer white top over white panties — strikes an irresistible balance between angel and vixen. The lights are low in the bedroom. She adds to the romantic atmosphere by lighting a collection of candles, bathing the room in soft, gently flickering, warmth. Every detail has been attended to, she’s so ready for this night to begin, but there’s an unexplained delay. She bides her time, checks her watch, tries to relax her restless mind. But ultimately the star of “I Can’t Wait” gives in to her rising desires. She toys with her breasts, teasing her erect nipples. She strokes her body, her hands drawing closer and closer to her crotch, and finally, she yields, giving in completely to her lust. Her panties come off, followed by her top, she’s somewhat tentative at first, but soon she’s pleasuring herself with unrestrained abandon. Legs spread wide, her fingers a blur of activity, flesh glistening — orgasm is inevitable, and when it occurs it is sweet, strong, overwhelming. Spent and satisfied, Sapphira relaxes. Then, suddenly, a sound outside the door. She rises and “I Can’t Wait” ends. But it’s really only the beginning.