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Sapphira A – My Day
Released: April 23, 2014

The room is quiet, the midday light filling the bedroom is muted, diffused. A beautiful woman lounges on her bed, passing the time on a lazy afternoon. It soon becomes clear that the woman — Sapphira A — is restless. She does a bit of web surfing on her laptop, reads a book, checks her text messages, but nothing holds her attention for too long. She cues up some music on her phone and unwinds with a bit of slow, easy stretching. And, as her body relaxes, so do her inhibitions. She takes off her bra and continues her routine, but her feelings of relaxation are becoming feelings of arousal. Back on the bed, she gives in to those feelings. “My Day” captures an intimate and engaging private interlude as Sapphira takes her sweet time pleasuring herself. First she toys with her breasts and erect nipples. She caresses the curves of her body through the tight fabric of her leggings at some length. Finally, she slides a hand past the waistband and her fingers go to work. The leggings eventually come off giving Sapphira’s probing fingers unimpeded access. As her passion builds so does the intensity of her stroking and rubbing. Eyes closed she lolls and writhes on the bed, moving, bit by bit, ever closer to the satisfaction she craves, the orgasm that is the culmination of “My Day.”