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Rosaline Rosa & Vanda Lust – On The Sly
Released: June 27, 2014

It’s late on a beautiful, breezy night. Blonde Vanda Lust and her dark-haired companion, Rosaline Rose, enjoy a glass of wine before retiring to their bed. A quiet ending to a relaxed and uneventful evening at home? Not quite. While her lover slumbers, unaware, Rose rises and slinks into the kitchen and prepares a midnight snack. Vanda eventually notices Rosaline’s absence and catches her enjoying her meal “On the Sly.” After savoring and sharing a few tasty morsels the couple develop a hunger for one another. Lust lives up to her name by kissing her way down Rose’s trim and shapely body and making a meal of the tender flesh between her spread thighs. After repeatedly bringing Rose to the brink of ecstasy she has her get on all fours and then fingers her from behind to a final, exquisite orgasm. It was Rosaline’s appetite that set the events of “On the Sly” in motion, and it is her appetite for giving sexual pleasure that brings it to a supremely satisfying conclusion. A passionate application of cunnilingus as well as deft digital penetration and manipulations soon has Vanda moaning with pleasure as she moves closer and closer to a vocal and powerful orgasmic explosion. Morning, noon, or night, “On the Sly” provides a sweet, satisfying, and enjoyable erotic interlude.