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Mina – The Key
Released: May 2, 2013

Shot on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Africa, “The Key” provides a breezy and exotic erotic respite from the workaday world. Life at the seaside hotel is casual and relaxed — until vacationing vixen Mina arrives. After the blonde beauty checks in she’s shown to her room by Thomas Lee. Once the twosome are ensconced in her suite the heat rapidly escalates. Sparks fly almost immediately, and Mina makes her intentions perfectly clear — not at all surprisingly, Lee is only too happy to oblige. After savoring the flavor of the new arrival’s beautiful bald box, the concierge kicks back while Mina dines on his dong. Oral activity sets the stage for an extended bout of in-room banging as the couple urge and incite each other to ever higher peaks of pleasure. For the handsome hotelier this may be just another day at the office, but for the bosomy blonde on horny holiday this just might be the start of the best vacation ever. See for yourself in “The Key.”