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Michaela Isizzu – Energy
Released: October 22, 2014

Michaela Isizzu is in the middle of a workout on her spin bike as “Energy” opens. It quickly becomes apparent that she’s distracted, going through the motions, lacking focus. And when she begins to redirect the energy that should be pushing the pedals into the cycle’s saddle we realize what’s distracting her: Michaela has an urge and strenuous aerobic exercise isn’t going to satisfy it. She dismounts, takes off her shoes, and gets comfortable on a nearby chaise lounge. Even though she’s relaxed and at ease in the privacy of her home gym, there’s a powerful undercurrent of sexual tension as Michaela begins to pleasure herself. Andrej Lupin’s camera stays close, adding to the intimacy of the interlude while also capturing the simmering intensity of the action. The focus lacking during her spin session is now entirely present — Isizzu pursues her goal with a determined, concentrated, single-minded intensity. Alone in this room, with only her mind, her body, and her hands and fingers, she works herself steadily, moving closer and closer to her goal, extracting the pleasure of every sensation, but never loosing sight of her ultimate goal. Steadily, almost relentlessly, she rubs, strokes, probes. Her pulse climbs, her breathing grows deep, she moans softly with delight. And even after her pleasure peaks and “Energy” winds down, her fingers continue their work, coaxing a smile of joyful contentment onto her lips. With its mix of intimacy, intensity, and beauty “Energy” engages, entertains, and satisfies.