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Mia Knox & Miela A – Dream About You
Released: May 18, 2013

Two lovers awake one bright morning. Miela A rises and retreats to the bathroom. Mia Knox remains snuggled under the duvet. But she’s not ready to go back to sleep, she’s in the mood for some self-made erotic pleasure. As her fingers go to work inside her frilly white panties her excitement rapidly grows. And that’s when Miela A returns to the bedroom unexpectedly. There is an awkward moment, but it is only fleeting. Miela soon joins Mia on the bed and assumes the role of eager aggressor. Already primed by her own masturbatory episode, Mia is quickly elevated to an orgasmic state by Miela’s ravenous and insatiable mouth. But this is hardly a one-way street. Mia has her chance to dine on her lover’s aroused delicacies, as well. And the twosome also indulge in synchronized sapphism during a heated bout of soixante-neuf. If your dreams are filled with fantasies of uninhibited lesbianism, “Dream About You” will be a dream come true.