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Margot A – Haute Couture – Pink
Released: July 2, 2014

The second installment of Alis Locanta’s fashion-themed mini-series, “Haute Couture,” arrives with a different star and a different color, but with a style and format that closely echo the original. In “Haute Couture – Pink” we’re introduced to Margot A, a particularly striking Czech siren with long black hair, piercing blue eyes, a fetchingly freckled complexion, and an exceptionally shapely body. We listen as she chats about the Sexart photo session that’s about to begin, both in English and her native tongue, and we see her outdoors in street clothes, as well as sitting for the make-up artist. Buffed to a high-fashion gloss, Margot the appears on set in a pink ensemble, posing for an unseen photographer. After the film cuts to black, Margot once more appears in a pink outfit, only this time it’s a bra and panties. The bottoms come off first, followed quickly by the top, and Margot begins to explore her breathtaking body. A double-humped sofa (you’ll understand once you’ve seen it) is added to the set and, after taking a seat, Margot gets down to pleasuring herself in earnest. Neither the model nor the cinematographer are at all reserved. Margot attacks the task of inducing orgasm with ferocity, and the camera moves in close to capture inserted fingers pumping in and out of the pink and strumming across the clit. When her orgasm hits, it hits hard, and Margot is both physically and vocally unrestrained as her pleasure peaks and surges through her body and mind. “Haute Couture – Pink” delivers high style and a powerful erotic punch.