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Mango A – Haute Couture – Baby Blue
Released: June 25, 2014

Anyone who has ever indulged in a fantasy about a fashion model will welcome the arrival of “Haute Couture – Baby Blue,” the first installment of a planned three-episode mini series from Alis Locanta. The film stars Mango A and begins with footage of the Russian beauty strolling along the streets of Barcelona and chatting amiably with the camera. When she arrives at a photo studio for a fashion shoot the film shifts gears. Now Mango, clad in stylish togs in shades of the hue that gives the film its subtitle, poses for an unseen fashion photographer. After an unexpected cut to black, “Haute Couture – Baby Blue” shifts gears once more. Now Mango’s outfit consists of panties and a cropped top, and while she’s still playing to the camera, she’s less interested in pleasing the photographer than in pleasing herself. Standing against the stark white background, Mango begins to masturbate. She raises her blouse and teases her erect nipples. She discards her baby blue panties and begins to stroke and tease her pussy. After reaching one satisfying peak of pleasure, a white, curvilinear, sculptural couch is added to the frame. The simple prop allows Mango to position herself in ways that enhance the stimulation — of the model and the viewer — and soon the studio echoes with moans of orgasmic release. Mango A’s uninhibited performance and Alis Locanta’s stylish vision are a perfect fit in “Haute Couture – Baby Blue.”