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Luna – Distractions
Released: August 20, 2014

In Alis Locanta’s “Distractions,” Luna is home alone — which, not coincidentally, is the film’s sub-title — and killing time on a lazy afternoon. As she clicks through the channels on the television she’s briefly diverted by a comedy, and then saddened by the events in a melodrama. But when her upstairs neighbors begin having mad, passionate — and easily overheard — sex, the TV loses its entertainment value and Luna begins to create her own pleasure, for her own enjoyment. After stripping off her top Luna doesn’t bother removing her matching lingerie, and as one hand caresses her pert breasts and stiffening nipples, her other hand gets active in her panties. As Luna’s arousal grows, so does the intensity of her actions. Soon her panties become confining and she pulls them down and begins sliding a finger, and then a pair of fingers, in and out of her lubricating slit. Rolling onto all fours Luna ups the intensity still further, stroking and penetrating herself from behind. Finally, as the inevitable orgasm grows closer, Luna sits back, spreads her legs wide, and begins to feverishly drill two fingers into her pussy while relentlessly stroking her clitoris. The sound of the neighbors is replaced by the slap-slap-slap of slick fingers against aroused flesh, and Luna’s moans of pleasure reach a crescendo as she’s rocked by a particularly intense climax. Her body aglow and glistening with sweat, Luna catches her breath and savors the post-orgasmic pleasure. Fans of Luna, Locanta, and sizzling single-girl masturbation will be both diverted and delighted by “Distractions.”