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Luna – The Sound of Silence
Released: September 27, 2013

“The Sound of Silence” is Italian erotic stylist Alis Locanta’s latest experiment in the female solo masturbation genre. While, on the surface, solo masturbation may seem a simple sort of film, Locanta has managed to pack a wide range of intriguing elements into this production that include mystery, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and fantasy. The performer tasked with putting all of that on the screen is Luna, and she is more than up to the challenge. Wearing a floral print dress, Luna pads stealthily down a hallway in her bare feet. She peeks through an open doorway and delight at what — or who — she sees in the room dances in her eyes. Suddenly the impulse to pleasure herself is overwhelming. She gropes at her breasts through the thin fabric and begins to caress her crotch. She’s soon so aroused that she involuntarily moans with ecstasy. She struggles to silence herself so as not to disturb the unseen occupant of the adjacent room. And yet she’s unable to control herself. The intensity of her masturbation accelerates. Bit by bit she undresses. She winds up totally nude, legs spread wide, furiously pleasuring herself with both hands. Writhing on the hardwood floor she brings herself to a forceful orgasm. Her torso is glazed with sweat, her open pussy glistens with arousal, and a gleeful smile spreads across her face as she peers once more into the room. Has she been “caught in the act”? Have her ecstatic moans been detected? What happens next? Watch “The Sound of Silence” and see what answers it suggests…and what fantasies it inspires in you.