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Lorena B – Dolce Forno
Released: May 7, 2014

Lorena B is idling around the kitchen on a sunny afternoon waiting for a dish she’s preparing to finish baking. Alone in the house the Spanish beauty lets her mind wander and soon her imaginings take a turn for the erotic. She slips out of her diaphanous dress and lets her hands roam around her lingerie-clad body for several pleasurable moments before stripping off her panties and beginning to masturbate in earnest. Leaning against the glossy, reflective cabinets, Lorena’s image is doubled as she ups the intensity of her self-stimulation. Soon she’s breathing hard and her torso glows with a sheen of dewy perspiration. Lorena uses both hands to energetically stimulate herself and it’s not too long before she’s so aroused that standing is no longer an option. She takes a seat, spreads her long legs, and feverishly fingers her pussy and strokes her clitoris until she’s overwhelmed by the sweet release of an exquisite orgasm. Director Alis Locanta’s “Dolce Forno” stylishly serves up an enticing and irresistible erotic feast for the viewer’s senses. We never do learn what’s in the oven, but when Lorena’s doing the cooking you know it’s got to be delicious!