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Lorena B & Tess B – Be Mine
Released: May 23, 2013

Tess B is strolling, alone, through a bustling arcade one evening. A young couple, walking hand-in-hand, approaches. As they pass, Tess makes eye-contact with the striking brunette beauty. Sparks fly. A connection is made. But no words are spoken. The time of opportunity has passed. But wait! Here comes the gorgeous brunette — Lorena B — and her male companion is nowhere to be seen. The two women find a quiet spot to talk, to flirt, to plan. Numbers are exchanged. A bond — erotic and romantic — is forged. We don’t know if Tess and Lorena are strangers, never having met before, or if they are reunited friends, perhaps lovers, catching up for lost time. And this bit of mystery only serves to add an extra element of interest and intrigue to Don Caravaggio’s latest creation for SexArt, “Be Mine.” When the lovers meet again the mood is romantic and the atmosphere is highly charged. Their sexual union is eagerly anticipated and irresistibly inevitable. This is an exceedingly romantic interlude, but it is intense, edgy, and overwhelmingly beautiful. Women in love. Women in lust. Experience them for yourself in “Be Mine.”