Little Caprice & Grace C – Double Games
Released: April 16, 2013

SexArt contributing director Don Caravaggio and his cinematographer, Jean Battis, employ a subtle, understated visual style in “Double Games.” This approach is particularly effective and appropriate — the film’s two stars, Caprice A and Grace C are both so exquisitely beautiful that no technical trickery or artistic embellishment is at all necessary. Likewise, narrative elements are minimal, at best. The film opens with a picturesque view of the sea. Two women stroll along, hand in hand, and exchange a playful kiss in this beautiful setting. The scene then changes — Grace C, totally nude, is napping on a sofa on a sheltered patio. Caprice A, also completely nude, picks up a still camera and stealthily takes several photos of the sleeping blonde beauty. When Grace C wakes up the “Double Games” begin. Caprice makes love to Grace tenderly. At first she uses her mouth and her fingers, but eventually she puts a purple probe to its intended use and brings her lover to one final climax. In the latter half of the production the tables are turned and Grace gives while Caprice happily receives orgasmic pleasures. Gorgeous girls in passionate and explicit action make “Double Games” a winner for the participants and the viewer, as well.