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Liona B – White Morning
Released: August 2, 2013

Both of the stars of this Andrej Lupin feature are making their second appearance in a SexArt production. Liona B’s debut was the tender yet torrid lesbian duet, “So Shy,” and Marcus Dupree helped heat up the kitchen with Blue Angel in “Do What I Want.” Teamed in the dreamily atmospheric “White Morning,” both performers prove that positive popular reaction to their initial efforts was no fluke, and that there is both breadth and depth to their on-camera personalities. The white light of morning floods a clean-lined interior space. Liona B, in a fluffy white robe and sipping from a glass of milk, greets the new day. She’s soon joined by Dupree for some affectionate nuzzling. When Liona opens her robe to reveal her nubile body affection is replaced by ardor. Dupree eagerly accepts the invitation offered by Liona’s spread legs, and she breaks her own fast soon after. While the sex of “White Morning” is passionate and explicit, it’s also overlain with evocative atmospherics as well as a very real, very human, emotional connection. Both beautifully filmed and passionately performed, this early hours interlude will engage and arouse. It’s a nice day for a “White Morning.”