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Linda Sweet – Little Story
Released: November 8, 2013

Sexart director Andrej Lupin employs a light touch, understated style, and relaxed pacing in his latest creation, “Little Story.” The film stars Sexart newcomer Linda Sweet, a slender and shapely redhead. As it begins Sweet is nude. She places a cup of coffee on a table and gathers her beauty supplies. Clearly in no hurry, she carefully lacquers her toenails, puts on a bit of make-up, and applies lotion to her pale skin. Up until this point things have been mundane, routine, but as she applies the slick cream to her beautiful body she gives in to the sensuous pleasure and the thoughts it inspires in her mind. Slippery fingers slide between her long legs and quickly go to work on her labia and clitoris. Slowly, gradually, the intensity ramps up. Alone, taking her time, Sweet strokes and fingers herself to ever-higher peaks of pleasure. First one finger, then two, and finally three fingers slide insistently in and out of her glistening pink pussy. Orgasm approaches, explodes, and then subsides. Drained and satisfied, Sweet lolls on the couch, savoring the post-orgasmic glow. A thought breaks her mood. She springs into action, rising from the couch and quickly getting dressed. It seems that “Little Story” is just beginning, and the next chapter will be released in the very near future!