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Lexie Dona – In Motion
Released: April 25, 2014

A man enters a dimly lit room. He puts on his shoes, takes a drink of water, and presses “play” on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. As a dubstep track thunders through the space he begins to move to the music. The cavernous room is a studio, and the man — Faube Coxxx in his first appearance in a Sexart feature — is a dancer. After several minutes of practice his dance partner — another Sexart first-timer, Lexie Dona — arrives. The couple don’t waste any time working on their routine — almost immediately they’re engaged in the most intimate pas de deux of all, the dance of love. Dispensing with foreplay, director Andrej Lupin has the couple fully dressed one minute, then cuts to total nudity. A moment later the exceptionally beautiful Lexie Dona has Faube’s cock deep in her pussy as she rides him, cowgirl style. Ms. Dona dismounts momentarily to administer a loving and leisurely blowjob, complete with teasing eye-contact, before the twosome reconnect in several additional positions. Soon Lexie’s moans and yelps of sexual delight are echoing through the room and her explosive orgasm is followed, seconds later, by her lover’s own eruption. Like the skilled dancers they portray, these two performers work in perfect, passionate harmony, making “In Motion” an erotically moving and memorable experience.