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Lauren Crist – Shower Quickie
Released: March 12, 2014

Andrej Lupin has titled his latest film “Shower Quickie,” and that is an accurate and effective description of this simple yet satisfying erotic short subject. You’ll find no complexity, no set-up or backstory, and none is necessary. Lauren Crist enters a bathroom and proceeds to undress. Then the shapely, long-haired, beauty proceeds to take a shower. Crist’s performance — only her second in a Sexart film, although she has appeared in seven Sexart still photo galleries — is naturalistic and understated. She’s just a beautiful woman enjoying the refreshing, sensuous pleasure of a warm shower. But as she lathers and caresses her stunning physique her mood and her motivations subtly shift. Her fingers find their way between her long legs and the act of bathing turns into an act of autoerotic pleasure. With one leg elevated she begins to masturbate. As her state of arousal steadily increases she lowers herself to the floor of the shower stall and ups the intensity. A drizzle of liquid soap provides lubrication and in short order she works herself into an orgasmic lather. “Shower Quickie” is short, sweet, gorgeous, and gratifying.