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Kari A & Whitney Conroy – The Heat
Released: April 27, 2014

Alis Locanta’s “The Heat,” has a distinctive and engaging neo-noir flavor. Much of that can be attributed to the haunting acoustic jazz soundtrack, but it extends to the cinematic style the director employs as well as the performances of his two stars. And the performances of those two exceptionally appealing stars — Whitney Conroy and Kari A — are all the more notable in view of the fact that not a single word is spoken during the entire film. Emotion, desire, hunger, and lust are all conveyed with body language, facial expression, eye-contact, movement, and touch. Like the cigarillo that Whitney Conroy puffs on in the introductory portion of the film, “The Heat” burns steadily from beginning to end. After a bit of mutual tease Conroy proceeds to pleasure Kari. The seduction is direct, aggressive, and it results in what is quite obviously a powerfully satisfying orgasm. The film then shifts gears, momentarily, before Kari plays the aggressor to the more than willing Whitney. But even after Whitney achieves climax, “The Heat” continues to build and a follow-up session finger-banging brings the film to a breathless finish. Incendiary lesbian erotica, with an intriguing dose of cool style, makes “The Heat” sizzle and steam with sultry sexual fire.