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Jenny Appach & Miela A – Heart of Darkness
Released: June 6, 2014

The title of this appetizing offering from Sexart director Alis Locanta refers to the setting — a dark room illuminated by a single lamp high above the action — and not something sinister, apocalyptic, or at all Conradian. With a ritualistic flourish Jenny Appach plates her sushi dinner. But the platter she carefully places each morsel upon isn’t made of wood or ceramic, it’s Miela A’s gloriously nude body. After enjoying a savory snack Appach proceeds to the main course — she removes her panties, climbs up onto the table, straddles Miela, and the tempting twosome proceed to enjoy the textures, flavors, and erotic stimulation of a brief bout of sixty-nine. The two beauties then get serious about getting off as they masturbate, face to face. “Heart of Darkness” heads to its conclusion with Appach face-down on the glass table top, a pair of chopsticks clenched in her moaning mouth, as Miela fingers her from behind to a final, satisfying, climax. More of a hot and savory appetizer than an elaborate entrée, “Heart of Darkness” gives steamy and stylish new meaning to the term “dinner and a movie.”