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Iwia A & Tracy Lindsay – Secretly
Released: May 9, 2014

Director Alis Locanta skillfully employs an array of techniques to create a sense of privacy and shared intimacy in his latest exploration of Sapphic eroticism, “Secretly.” Although the film’s stars — Iwia A and Tracy Lindsay — do engage in conversation, the words they speak are whispered, murmured, inaudible to the viewer and meant only for each other. The power of their bond — the sense of mutual yearning, hunger, desire and connection — is conveyed by expression, movement, touch, and action. Iwia is the initiator and instigator of the encounter captured in “Secretly,” and Tracy willingly and eagerly participates in the seduction. “Secretly” presents a sexual sojourn in which the journey is every bit as important as the destination. Nothing is rushed, every moment, every sensation is savored by both participants. Orgasm is the goal, but getting to that exquisite point is every bit as enjoyable to these secret lovers, alone in a world populated by just these two. Once Tracy has had her momentary fill, she disrobes Iwia and, using tongue and fingers, expresses her love and gratitude to her receptive and appreciative lover. And finally, in a heated bout of mutual satisfaction, the women make love, legs entwined, pussy to pussy, in the scissors position. There’s poetry here, and passion, love and lust — join these two lovers as they enjoy each other “Secretly.”