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Isabella Chrystin – Wild Girl II
Released: August 23, 2013

“Wild Girl II” begins where the original “Wild Girl” ended — with Thomas Lee stealthily scaling a ladder. When he reaches the top he clambers through a bedroom window to be greeted by Isabella Chrystin, the insatiable vixen of the film’s title. Not a second goes to waste as the clandestine couple proceed with their illicit tryst. After stroking and sucking her lover to throbbing stiffness, Chrystin falls back on the bed, throws open her fluffy white bathrobe, arches her backside off the mattress and thrusts her frontside against Lee’s hungry mouth. With no time for lingering over nonessential frills, the couple proceed to couple with single-minded intensity. Fuelled by feverish passion two positions are plenty — missionary followed by rear entry in the style of the dog — and Lee brings his sub rosa romantic partner to several powerful orgasms before enjoying one of his own. But that enjoyment is short-lived — Matt Ice, Chrystin’s other lover, happens upon the aftermath of this afternoon delight and he’s not at all delighted. Lee makes his escape, a chase ensues, and the energetically erotic “Wild Girl II” ends on a wild and whimsical note.