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Frida & Gina Gerson – Someone Is Watching
Released: May 2, 2014

Gina Gerson and her lover, Frida, are settling in for a quiet night together. After lighting a fire they get comfortable on a sofa. As they kiss and caress they quickly swept away by their love and desire for one another. There’s a distinct feeling of intimacy here that’s enhanced and underscored by the crackling of the fire and the soft acoustic guitar of the soundtrack. But, as their passion builds, director Andrej Lupin adds a twist and more than a bit of mystery to his film. As the title clearly states, “Someone is Watching,” and that someone, from his or her hiding place on a balcony above the lovers, has an unobstructed view of the unfolding scene. As “Someone is Watching” progresses, Lupin’s camera spends the bulk of its time on the ground floor, taking in the amorous activity at close range. But he frequently returns to the unseen voyeur’s P.O.V. The girls are obviously and blissfully unaware that they’re being watched, but the viewer is made a party to this extremely intriguing secret. Gina Gerson savors Frida’s tender flesh and then, with the brunette straddling her, fingers and strokes her to ecstasy. Frida then employs a similar treatment, first licking and sucking on Gina’s pussy then letting her thrusting fingers drive her over the orgasmic edge. From beginning to end these lovers are in a world of their own and they savor every moment of their private time together. Will the secret “Someone” ever be revealed? How would the lovers react if they knew they were being watched? Those questions may never be answered, but they add a generous helping of erotic intrigue to “Someone is Watching.”