Eufrat Mai & Whitney Conroy – Jealousy
Released: March 12, 2013

The emotion that gives Alis Locanta’s “Jealousy” its title is among the most complex and powerful feelings an individual can experience. In a relationship, feelings of jealousy can be inspired by even the most innocent occurrence. In “Jealousy” that occurrence is an overheard conversation. As dark-eyed beauty Eufrat Mai enjoys a lively chat with an unknown caller her blonde companion, Whitney Conroy, grows impatient and begins to feel ignored, unloved, and ultimately jealous. But Whitney has nothing to fear, the person on the phone was only a friend and nothing more. And Eufrat understands. She knows that Whitney is tender and vulnerable — and she also knows exactly what it will take elevate her mood, foster trust, and restore harmony to their relationship. Eufrat’s sultry striptease captures Whitney’s full attention and they’re soon doing what lovers do. Whitney lavishes Eufrat with attention as she stands naked in a hallway, and then the twosome retire to the bathroom where they generate serious steam during a leisurely and lusty shower. In “Jealousy” we’re reminded that love — and lust — can overcome even the most dangerous and destructive emotions.