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Erika Black & Shelly Wels – Sexway
Released: March 18, 2016

Erika Black and Shelly Wels have fun riding their Segways through the busy Czech streets, as “Sexway” begins; but as soon as they are alone in their hotel bedroom, their playful interaction evolves into something much hotter. Stripped to their pretty lingerie, they kiss and touch hungrily. Erika pushes Shelly onto her back and straddles her, sucking her hard nipples and spreading her pussy open so she can tongue it avidly. Shelly turns onto her knees, rocking back onto Erika’s wet fingers as she gets frigged to a high-octane orgasm. Now Erika lies back so Shelly can tug her panties aside and lick her puffy clit, getting her hot with some intense fingering before spinning her onto all fours and eating her voraciously. Erika’s orgasm is a slow burn, but as “Sexway” draws to a close there is a suggestion that the girls’ fun is just getting started…