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Dido A & Eufrat Mai – Vertigo
Released: September 1, 2013

If you only know Dido A through her erotic photo modeling, both here at SexArt, and at MetArt, as well, you’re familiar with her sun-bronzed beauty and bright, cheerful smile — but you might not suspect she was a gifted actress. In “Vertigo” she reveals genuine talent as a performer. It doesn’t hurt that she’s teamed here with Eufrat Mai, a seasoned model in her own right, and something of a Sapphic specialist. As the title suggests, “Vertigo” starts with a feeling of instability and uncertainty. Dido A, alone in her flat, is clearly distraught, obviously agitated, and troubled in unknown ways. When she peers through the front door peephole and spies her neighbor, Eufrat, her fantasies take flight. She slips a hand into her panties and attempts to satisfy her hunger. Somehow, mystically, magically, Eufrat senses this. She stops, knocks on the door, and enters the room. Sparks fly. The tension evaporates. The mood is instantly elevated. Now in a softly lighted bedroom the couple have the space, the place, and the time to enjoy one another at their leisure. And so they do. Dido takes the upper hand — and her own sweet time — in pleasuring Eufrat with a particularly active tongue and determined fingers. Once she’s completely satisfied, Eufrat is no less assertive and insistent, skillfully eating and fingering Dido to the ecstasy she so deeply craves. Alis Locanta’s “Vertigo,” with its stunning stars and clever cinematic set-up will leave you breathless.