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Conny Carter – Sunny Morning
Released: June 4, 2013

A beautiful, busty, and gloriously nude brunette stands at a sink brushing her teeth. Warm light streams through the windows as she casually studies her face in the mirror while performing her ablutions. Another typical day begins. But in Andrej Lupin’s latest SexArt creation, this typical day takes an unexpected turn when the buxom beauty — Conny Carter — is joined by her lover, Denson Carter. They start out slowly, romantically, sharing a series of heartfelt kisses, and romance flavors the session of loving oral attention the couple soon treat each other to. While it’s tempting to study the bodies of these lovers Lupin takes care to capture instances of sincere, emotionally-charged eye-contact throughout the production. One thing leads to another, of course, and soon the twosome are in the throes of vigorous lovemaking, standing, sitting, or balancing against the sink while the sounds of sex echo gently off the tiles. The passion of the action and the atmosphere of the setting make “Sunny Morning” ideal viewing at any hour of the day or night.