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Chrissy Fox & Kira Queen – Fountain of Love
Released: November 27, 2015

Kira Queen and Chrissy Fox stroll through a park and wind up splashing playfully in the waters of a picturesque pond as “Fountain of Love” begins. While a certain element of playfulness is present throughout the film, when the twosome retreat to a private place the mood becomes one of intense passion and powerful mutual desire. Fox takes the lead, helping Queen out of her shirt and shorts, and then sliding between her spread thighs and feasting greedily on her pussy. Eventually the lovers end up on all fours and Fox continues to eat, tongue, and finger-bang Queen’s quim from behind. Only now does the perspective shift to reveal that they’re making love on a glass table. As they French kiss feverishly, Chrissy pumps and strokes Kira to an extended and exquisitely intense climax. Once she’s regained some portion of her composure, Queen fingers and pets Chrissy’s pretty pink pussy and then, with Fox on her back and arching up off the tabletop, she sucks and finger-pumps her to a moaning, vocal, quivering, and explosive orgasm that leaves her flushed, panting, and supremely satisfied. In the shared heat of afterglow the lovers cuddle and chat quietly, bringing Andrej Lupin’s lusty lesbian interlude, “Fountain of Love,” to conclusion that’s as sweet and cute as the film’s stars are lusty and beautiful.