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Charlise Bella & Lorena B – Luscious Drops
Released: October 16, 2013

Director Don Caravaggio’s “Luscious Drops” begins with the twang of a Spaghetti-western-flavor guitar and an unusual sight: In what appears to be a disused agricultural building, a beautiful blonde is in the middle of her workout. And this is no ordinary workout, either — the blonde, Charlise Bella (making her SexArt debut) is punching the heavy bag that hangs from the ceiling with focused intensity. Lorena B, looking extra-elegant, strolls into this unlikely scene and proceeds to strip nude and change into her own workout gear. Both beauties take turns kicking and punching the bag, and even indulge in a bit of friendly sparring, before the scene changes to a much more hospitable environment. We next find Lorena B lathered up and dripping wet in a circular bathtub. She’s soon joined by Charlise, and kissing, caressing, fingering and other lesbian acts are shared and enjoyed. This is just foreplay, however, and the scene changes once more, this time to the crisp white sheets of an inviting bed. In this intimate setting “Luscious Drops” shifts from steady simmer to rolling boil, and by the time they’ve had their ways with each other, both these luscious ladies have savored powerful orgasms. As befits a film with a kickboxing theme, “Luscious Drops” is a knockout.