Carla Cox & Grace C – Snow Fun IX – Sneak Out
Released: April 4, 2013

Striking blonde Grace C has figured prominently in the “Snow Fun” series. In episode III she retreated to the comfort and privacy of a bathroom where she indulged herself in a leisurely session of particularly eye-pleasing masturbation. In episode V she was teamed with Gabi de Castello for an enjoyable bout of loving lesbianism. As episode IX begins, the “Snow Fun” gang is relaxing after a day on the slopes with a few beers and other beverages. When her friends start in on a rowdy game of foosball Grace C sits apart — she’s in no mood for such a frivolous activity. Carla Cox can’t help but notice her sulking friend and whispers a suggestion in her ear. Without drawing any attention Carla exits the room. After a moment or two Grace C discretely follows. Alone in a quiet stairwell the twosome begin their clandestine tryst. After helping Grace C out of her pretty pink panties Carla devours her delicious girlfriend, sucking, licking, teasing, and fingering her to a series of increasingly intense orgasms. Turnabout is only fair, and Grace C rewards her impromptu partner with several orgasms of her own. When the girls return to the party nobody has even noticed they’ve been gone, making “Sneak Out” a success in more ways than one!