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Carla Cox, Emylia Argan & Gabi de Castello – Snow Fun XI – The Last Night
Released: April 18, 2013

Conventional wisdom suggests that all good things must come to an end, and that is, unfortunately, true of SexArt director Andrej Lupin’s “Snow Fun” series. But if you think the artist is going to let his creation go out with a whimper, think again! “Snow Fun” episode XI, “The Last Night,” ends the saga with a bang — in fact more bangs that can be easily tallied! It all starts simply enough. The vacationers are enjoying a quiet night together, playing cards, reading, and reminiscing about the fun they’ve had on the slopes. Grace C and Terry Sullivan, however, have fun of a different type of fun in mind, and they begin to kiss and cuddle one another. The sight of her friends fooling around has an immediate effect on Gabi de Castello who slips a hand into her panties and begins masturbating. As the temperature in the room rises Kristof Cale starts groping a more than willing Carla Cox, and Emylia Argan gets tag teamed by Matt Ice and Will S. As juices begin to flow and passions to rise this quiet night quickly evolves into what can only be described as an orgy with too many orgasmic events to count — and that makes “Snow Fun XI – The Last Night” truly a night to remember.