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Carla Cox – The Game II – Advice
Released: October 13, 2013

The second episode of Andrej Lupin’s latest series, “The Game II — Advice,” delivers a mixture of surprise and intrigue similar to the first installment. While the mystery of “The Game” is only in the earliest stages of being revealed, it’s becoming apparent that a group of beautiful women — organized if not controlled by Silvie Deluxe — is hatching some sort of plot. The members of this group blend seamlessly into society — they might be chatting with a friend in a café, relaxing at home, or taking a bath when the order to assemble is delivered. As it happens, Carla Cox is in the shower as episode II begins. While it starts off as a simple shampoo and rinse, it evolves into something much more interesting. Once she’s lathered her beautiful body to soapy perfection Cox sends her hands between her legs and an extended bout of masturbation begins. Fingers lubricated with soap slide slickly across her clit and pump eagerly in and out of her pussy. And as orgasm approaches she guides the warm jets of the showerhead against her sensitive slit to supercharge her climax. But even as orgasm overtakes her, duty calls — Cox quickly dresses and joins her comrades. What happens next? We’ll have to wait for the next installment of “The Game,” but for the time being “The Game II — Advice” offers plenty of steamy erotic action.