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Candy Alexa & Linda Sweet – Little Story II
Released: November 13, 2013

After a leisurely morning spent pampering and primping — and masturbating to ecstatic exhaustion — Linda Sweet, the star of “Little Story,” ended the introductory episode of this Andrej Lupin creation by hurriedly dressing for a forgotten appointment. In “Little Story II” she arrives at that appointment, and the second half of the story begins. Here Sweet, who made her Sexart debut in “Little Story,” is paired with another newcomer to the site — the voluptuous and temptingly named Candy Alexa. Seated at their workstations the two beauties attend to their assigned tasks, but soon attraction and curiosity overtake them. What follows is a graphic and satisfying session of explicit lesbian lovemaking. Sweet takes the role of seducer, and Alexa is, in due time, a willing partner. The seduction proceeds eventfully. Kissing is followed by caressing, slender Sweet relishes the feel and sight of Alexa’s hefty breasts, and the cunnilingus that soon follows is wet, relentless, and extremely satisfying. “Little Story II” treats the viewer and the participants to a double-dose of female beauty and Sapphic sexuality with skill, sensitivity, and abundant heat — this second segment of the “Little Story” saga packs a big erotic punch.